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Leslie & Aubree Brooklyn

I'm so excited to share Leslie & Aubree's photos on my very first blog. I loved everything about this session. Aubree is a little daydreamer. There were many moments where she was so focused on her daydream that it made me curious as to what she was dreaming about. We couldn't get her attention no matter how goofy we were. Man can this girl daydream... She is full of life and happiness. She is so loved & I am so blessed to call her my niece. Her favorite part of the session was the lollipop and ice cream breaks! So I've added a few of those pics that I was able to sneak in, and they've actually became some of favorites. LOL.

Watching Leslie and Aubree interact with each other during the session was so precious. Aubree would hold Leslie's face with her tiny little hands and tell her "I love you so much mommy" and she would just gaze into her mommy's eyes. This little girl just melts my heart.


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