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Congratulations! What a special time in your life.  Newborn sessions are my favorite of all and because newborns are only this new for such a short time I think it is so important to capture all the details about them at this stage and it will become a lifetime keepsake for you and your little one. 

Booking your session:

The best time to schedule your newborns photoshoot is within their first 6-14 days of life as they are trying to get familiar with life outside the womb and are still in that curly sleepy stage that allows me to create those cuddly poses.  Scheduling a tentative date in your third trimester is recommended to secure your spot on my calendar.  


Outfits and props:

I have a selection of outfits, bonnets, ruffles, wraps, blankets, props, and much more stocked in my studio so there is no need to bring anything else but your little one.  However if you would like a keepsake or heirloom in the photo with baby we are more than happy to incorporate that. 

Mothers time in my home studio:

Being a mother of 4 myself,  I know how tired you will be during this session.  Please expect a laid back relaxed atmosphere.  I want to make sure we work around you and your baby's schedule. We have plenty of time for baby to eat, be changed, or simply spend time with parents during the session. 

Here are a few more tips and information to know about the session:

  • Newborn sessions generally take a minimum of 2-4 hours.

  • Baby is in charge of the session.  Baby determines what happens during the session and will probably need top up feeds to ensure a deep sleep. If baby is bottle fed, remember to bring spares!

  • Refreshments and snacks are available in the studio but feel free to bring your own refreshments of choice, book/iPad/magazines etc. to keep you nourished/occupied while I work with your newborn, as the session may take longer than expected. 

  • I want to make sure baby is comfortable during the session so I keep my in home studio heated to approximately 78 degrees, so will feel very warm from the outset. It is therefore advisable to wear layers of clothing that can be easily removed if you get too hot. I may include ‘parent & sibling shots’ with your newborn, so please bring solid color clothing, black shirt (no logos) to wear for this purpose.

  • Safety is a high priority in the studio. If you would like photos of your newborn with their sibling(s), please arrange someone to supervise them during the session at all times. This prevents them from becoming bored and disrupting the baby. They can hang out in the family room or the front room sitting area.

  • I will pose baby prior to each photograph. Not all babies are able to achieve every pose, so if baby appears uncomfortable at any time, we’ll abandon that pose and move on to the next.

  • Baby will be naked for some shots, but private parts will always be discretely concealed, so never photographed.

  • 90 percent of the time naked babies are prone to the occasional ‘accident’ during sessions, all outfits, wraps, throws, fabrics etc. are freshly laundered before every session and plenty of spares are always available. 

Newborn Information Sheet

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