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My family

Starting from left...Rafael Jr., Bella, Tatiana, Rafael Sr., Me, and Samantha

The moment I picked up my very first camera...(a polaroid) I've been fascinated with it since, but it wasn't until I had children that made me begin to appreciate and memorize life events and capture moments that I can look back on and be able to tell that story that would bring back that same feeling and emotion each time as if it were yesterday, in a form of art.


Life is beautiful...


I love the awesome adventures I have with my family. I'm a story teller, I love Polynesian dance and have a huge heart for HULA. I'm crazy about food, won't pass up a roadtrip, and with the help and support from my husband Ralph, I am also able to pursue my love for photography. 


My Style...

I'm completely obsessed with my camera and love every moment that I'm behind my lens. Forced poses in a picture is one thing, but capturing those special moments and emotions that happen organically is what makes my camera click, my heart race, and is what makes your photograph a reflection of who you are.

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